Blue Light, Eye Health & Headaches
Sleep disruption and fatigue are two ways blue light is stealing our vitality. But it seems it is also contributing to a handful of other symptoms and health issues too. Digital eyestrain is on the rise and it is increasing as the amount of time we spend on technology increases. What is possibly most interesting is that blue light has even been found to increase migraines in blind individuals who are susceptible to this type of pain.

What causes eyestrain seems to stem from two main places; the flickering of the high energy blue light which goes unnoticed and that we naturally blink less when staring at screens. Eye strain can contribute to headaches but blue light alone can also be a causative factor in headaches and migraines. A recent study at Harvard Medical School on blind migraine sufferers found that those who still had melanopsin receptors experienced pain from light. Melanopsin receptors don’t help you see shapes, but they do react to blue light. Blue light was found to increase migraine pain and activate the trigeminal nerve, which is associated with migraines (click here to read the study).
October 24, 2018 by Boca Blu Admin Team

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