Why we use Aspheric Lenses in our Digital Armour©️ lens.
When we started Boca Blu both Jim and I were very clear on one thing - our glasses needed to have the best possible lens on the market. No compromises, ever.
We don't usepolycarbonate, or indeed CR39 - we use a material called ULTRAVEX, and only the highest quality ULTRAVEX. These lenses are Aspheric lenses - not regular curved glass. And the blue light protection is mixed into to formula of the lens, not applied as a coating. 
What are Aspheric Lenses? We get asked this question a lot. So, below is some info on the technology and why experts consider it the superior lens.
Aspheric Explained:
Traditional lenses have a bulgy, curved shape. Imagine the spherical surface of a ball. Aspheric lenses are designed with less curvature than their traditional counterparts. Think flatter and thinner. In both far and nearsighted prescriptions, aspheric lenses provide a slimmer profile and minimize eye distortion without compromising optical quality. Let’s take a look at how conventional lenses are designed for far and nearsighted prescriptions:
  • Lenses for farsightedness have a convex curve, meaning they are thicker in the center and thinner at the edges. The stronger the prescription, the more the middle of the lens bulges outwards.
  • Lenses for nearsighted prescriptions have a concave curve, meaning they are thinnest at the center of the lens and thickest at the edge.
For both types of prescriptions, aspheric lenses reduce the curve of the surface, either by minimizing the thickness of the center or the edges of the lens.
Benefits of Aspheric Lenses
  • Less bulging of the lens, giving you a sleeker profile
  • More frame options for individuals with strong prescriptions
  • More natural appearance of the eye (reduces the eye magnification that occurs with farsightedness and the smaller appearance of the eye that occurs with nearsightedness)
  • Lightweight (less material is used to make the lens)
  • Better peripheral vision
  • Higher image quality (more consistent magnification throughout the lens)
Premium Lenses
Ultravex Digital Armour© lenses offer thinner, lighter, optical quality lenses made from Ultravex , not polycarbonate or CR39. They have a higher refractive index than competitors, giving them superior clarity and depth of field.We use 1.6 refractive index and 1.67 Custom .
High-index plastic lenses. In the past 20 years, in response to the demand for thinner, lighter eyeglasses, a number of lens manufacturers have introduced high-index plastic lenses. These lenses are thinner and lighter than CR-39 plastic lenses because they have a higher index of refraction (see below) and may also have a lower specific gravity
Superior Protection Visual perception. 
Digital Armour© lenses block more blue light than our competitors, and are not yellow, like most blue light glasses on the market. This means you won’t get headaches after wearing them for long periods of time, and because they are not too dark, are perfect for watching TV at night or gaming with friends. They also offer UV protection.  
Multiple Lens Strengths
Our lenses come in non-prescription and prescription strengths, from ‘plano’ (or no magnification) to +1.00 +1.50 +2.00 +2.50 and custom. orders .
Quality Frames
Beautiful, premium frames for all, machine cut from a single piece of quality Italian or Japanese and Italian acetate.
Our Guarantee
A 30-day return policy, a one-year frame guarantee, and a lifetime blue light blocking guarantee of up to 80-95% of blue light waves from 430nm on wards.
December 19, 2018 by Boca Blu Admin Team

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