About the Founders


Design is a corner stone of life for Jim, both manmade and natural creations; a building or wave, a surfboard or glacier. For Jim, there is more still to be discovered and so much more still to be created. He brings this philosophy to his Boca Blu designs work, something that seems to flow naturally, almost subconsciously, after thirty plus years of eyewear creation. 


Skateboarding, punk rock and yoga; three key elements that Zachary credits for shaping who he is. Companies are about so much more than balance sheets, for Zachary. Companies, he believes, can be the perfect expression of the world we want to create, and the world we want to ultimately live in and pass on to our children. He brings this mindset and philology to his work with Boca Blu.  

How Jim & Zachary Started Boca Blu

Boca Blu was founded by Jim, a thirty year veteran and household name in the premium eyewear design business, and Zachary, a medical devises product developer for FDA and CE regulated products. 

Both Jim and Zachary had struggled with blue light from electronic screens for years. It effected their focus, their creativity, their mood and even their sleep. They had both independently tried numerous methods to combat the problem; orange tinted glasses; yellow laptop screen filters; playing around with colour balance settings; but all to no avail.

Their two paths crossed in early 2016 at a friend’s house party. It didn’t take them long to get onto the topic of blue light, and after a surf the following morning, the two decided to set up a business together. The mission: To help people be more productive with their screen time. To create premium eyewear that blocks out more blue light than any other product on the market by using the most advanced lens technology available (both in terms of materials, coatings and tooling).

The company released it’s first set of frames in 2017.