boca blu glasses block harmful blue light (frequency range between 380nm to 500nm), as well as UV light. 

Our glasses are available in various lens strengths, starting from Plano - which means no magnification at all to +2.0 - which is the strongest reading strength we make. boca blu eye ware make ideal reading glasses for people of all ages.

Our lenses are made from CR-39 material, not polycarbonate. Lens quality matches the quality of lens put in front of the eyeballs of F-1 drivers, watchmakers, architects, and NASA scientists. 

boca blu lenses are not overly yellow, making wearing them indoors or in the evenings to help protect against disrupted melatonin production practical and comfortable. 

The high refractive index of our lens at 1.6 means our lenses are thinner, lighter and have sharper clarity and depth of field than standard 1.5 common in most glasses of this nature. 

Our lenses are manufactured by a leading French lens maker who is considered by eye care professionals globally to be a world leader in premium quality optical lenses, dating back to 1849. 

boca blu frames are cut from a single piece of acetate material sourced from Italy. Each pair of frames is hand polished and hand finished - a process which can take up to four days per pair.  We follow the ‘best recommended practices’ for high-end, quality, handmade frame manufacturing - we however, don’t charge you $500 a pair.

Our lenses and frames comply with the following standards: CE, FDA, ANSI, ASNZS, BS EN ISO21987:2009, EN14139:2011 and ISO16034:2011.